Small things that majorly influence your credit score

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Small things that majorly influence your credit score

Small things that majorly influence your credit score

Most people assume that credit score is something that is solely related to the number and amount of loan you have on your head, but the fact of the matter is that, this is not so! Credit score is actually something that is influenced by a number of things. Believe it or not, there are many small things that go into making your credit score bad. Some of these things are as follows:

  • Utility Bills not being paid on time

If you are someone who is always leaving your utility bills unpaid then you should keep in mind that this will negatively impact your credit score. Unpaid utility bills can well get sold to a third party debt collector, who might go on to report the account to the credit bureau.

  • Cell phone bills

Most people are unaware of the fact that if cell phone bills are left unpaid for a long duration, then it is sent to the collections and this is in turn bound to affect your credit score. So no matter how insignificant a cell phone bill might seem, you ought to pay it up as soon as possible.

  • Gym membership Fees

Believe it or not, unpaid gym membership fees does in fact affect your credit score. So, if you are not serious about being a part of a gym, it is better not to join the gym in the first place.

If these are things which you have not paid attention to the chances are that you credit score might not look too good. However take heart from the fact that you can actually avail of bad credit loans as well. So, rather than doing that, once you are aware of these small things, you should make it a point to keep them in check.