How to have fun during festivities without burning a hole in your pockets?

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Keeping track of your expenses during holiday seasons and festivities can be a bit of a hassle with so many invitations and party hosting that takes place. In order to have the most of this period of time without burning a hole in your pocket, taking a few calculated steps can be of great help.

Saving money on decorations

Opting to buy decorations from the local thrift stores is a great way of saving up on holiday costs, while also being able to find real treasures to help make your party look amazing. According to research, a variety of great ornamentation for holidays can be found in Salvation Army Stores which would look great for your party without taking out a huge chunk from your expenses.

Hosting potlucks

Hosting potlucks during the holidays is a great way of sharing expenses, whereby family and friends get to bring one of the many ingredients that you need to cook up a dish. In this way you also reduce your own personal expense while also being able to enjoy the happiness of cooking with your loved ones.

Avoid dinners and go for brunch

Opting to host a brunch instead of planning an elaborate dinner can help you keep your holiday expenses in check while also being able to enjoy with your friends and family. Brunch does not require a lavish menu or multicourse meal and most of the food in a brunch are inexpensive and can be cooked at a prior time, thereby allowing you time to spend and enjoy with your invitees.

DIY holiday gifts

When being invited to a party, it is general etiquette to bring a gift for the host or the hostess. DIY these gifts and opt for bringing something that you have made yourself. It can be a home cooked food, like cookies or salsa or design ornaments that have a festive touch. By doing it yourself, you tend to spend less while also not lacking in the emotions that must be there while giving a gift.